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In Zone Focus: Enroute to Mt Cook -> Tekapo-Pukaki Canal Road By Tang Yiming


Some kind advise from our friendly hosts Joanne and Dennis, we took the Tekapo-Pukaki Canal Road en route to Mt. Cook for our mini hike to Sealy Tarns.

The road which leads you through the Salmon Farm, sits between the plains and the canal itself.


We took 3 hours to Reach the Camp Site to begin our hike, after making a thousand stops every few hundred meters we came by this scene.

The road will be closed when there are strong winds, and on our way back, we decided to take the suggested route by the GPS and saw the entrance of road closed! Talk about luck…


For those planning to take the similar road, suggest doing it early in the morning when the light is at its best, and winds are calm…. – Tang Yiming


Gear: Mamiya 7II + Mamiya 43mm N + Fuji Provia 100F

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