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In Zone Focus: Madzingara By Ray Toei


I had a lot of fun in this photoshoot, I found a very nice restaurant in China town with a very nice cigar room. I loved the way the shadows and ambient light came in from outside the stairwell.


For this shot, I had a friend who assisted me, he held on a reflector while we used LED Light to supplement the ambient light.


I brought 2 cameras that day, one was the Nikon FM with a 50/f2 lens as well as the quite rare Bronica RF645 with the 65mm F4 lens.


The film used was T-Max 400 exposed at, I believe, ISO 400.


I had it professional developed at Fotohub, they use D-76 to very good effect, and I scanned this on my Epson V600 scanner.


The model Mad ZIngara is french and added a lot of flair into the overall mood of the picture. – Ray Toei


Gear used: Bronica RF645 + T-Max 400

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