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In Zone Focus: Portrait Of A Migrant Worker By Gary Wang


This is a portrait of a migrant worker in Singapore. Our migrant workers mostly come from Bangladesh. They are heavily involved in the construction industry in Singapore.


Many leave their families behind in Bangladesh to earn a living as a construction worker in Singapore, remitting money home to their family. They are the people behind the sky scrapers, the modern roads, hospitals, housing, in Singapore. They have become a part of Singapore in some way, contributing to nation building.


Generally they are a shy group of people in Singapore, keeping to themselves. They mostly hang around Little India, having a chat with their mates over beer late at night. I’ve spoken to many of them during my night shoots in Little India, they are in fact very friendly people once they open up to you. – Gary Wang


Gear used: Leica M3 + Avenon 21mm F2.8 + Fuji Neopan 400




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