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RFSG Monthly Outings – July 2012

Date: Saturday, 7th July 2012
Time: 0800 hours
Meeting Point: Changi Point Ferry Terminal
Location map: here.


What are we doing?
Our destination for the day would be Sungai Rengit, Malaysia.
We would be taking the bum boat from Changi Ferry Terminal to Pengerang, followed by a taxi ride to Sungai Rengit town.

As per wiki:
Sungai Rengit is a town in southeastern Johor, Malaysia, located near Pengerang. It can be reached from Singapore by boat from the ferry terminal at Changi Village.


Sungai Rengit is essentially a collection of fishing villages and is very popular with seafood lovers. The town usually comes alive during its weekend flea markets. There are also regular Chinese opera performances which liven up the atmosphere for the local population.


There is a World War 2 -era fortress built into a hill overlooking the coast. It is built by the British and housed a complex tunnel system, including generators, a hospital and living quarters for the soldiers based there.


We will be there to shoot in the small town & the fishing villagers. Of course, do the typical Singaporeans’s must do hobby of makan seafood.
The reason why we need to be there early would be because I need all your passports to there to get us on the bum boat. Do note that it could take up to 2 hours waiting for the bum boats. The journey via bum boat to Pengerang, would take us an estimated 1 hour. We have to leave Sungai Rengit by 1430hours latest, to catch the last bum boat at 4pm back to Singapore.


Things To Bring:
- Passport with expiry date of at least 6 months
- Your camera of choice
- Films / Batteries / SD/CF cards
- SGD20 for the boat ride back & forth. It is SGD10 per trip.
- MYR40 for Taxi ride from Pengerang to Sungai Rengit & back. MYR 40 per trip for a taxi with 4 pax
- MYR150-200 for the seafood makan (don’t go stingy on this)


Things to take note of:
- Please do not flash cash or your cameras around. Southeastern Johor, as compared to Johor across the causeway, is rather safe but lets not invite trouble.
- Secure bag for your personal belongings & passport.
- Sunblock for those who are sensitive to the skin
- Light clothing & shoes are highly recommended. There is no air conditioned place there & covered shoes are best for your own protection.
- A bottle of water for hydration.
- Do be patient while waiting for the bum boats, it can get quite chaotic. Basically anyone with 12 pax will immediately board the next available boat. I’ve had a the personal experience of waiting for close to 3 hours although I was at Changi Ferry Terminal at 0630 hours.


I’ve got a few links that came up on google that you can can read up about:
Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4


We will only be shooting & makan in Sungai Rengit for this trip. So, be there early, enjoy the shoot & tuck in to the seafood makan!!!


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