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Photo Essay: Printed Publication By Gary Wang


Printed Publication is something to do with our daily lives.


It contains news around the World, lifestyle pages, breakthrough designs, news of latest discoveries, jobs for people, obituaries, comic strips for kids etc. It is a one stop publication for all young & old to read & enjoy. It is in every country, every state, and every street. It has penetrated deep into our lives to become a lifestyle for all.


The modest printed publications are used by some as propaganda for their political agendas, advertising by corporations with subliminal messaging for the consumer for a lifestyle product. Through this printed matter on a shabby paper, one has the power to raise an angry mob, to create advertisements so powerful it leaves strong impressions on consumers, release news that would either let people leap for joy or break down in depression.


This is the Newspaper…… Have you read yours today?


Photographer: Gary Wang




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