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Photo Essay: “Wing it in Dhaka!” By Benjamin Aw


Shot during my recent visit to the city of Dhaka, Sylhet Division and Srimongol.
In short, Bangladesh is an amazing country. No other city state have I visited that I meet people of this hospitality. Food is superb, without the frills of expensive cutlery nor glitzy decorations. Simply enjoy the food and the heartwarming staff who find it amusing that you savour every bite of the street food and simple cafes instead of the high-end restaurants.


From the bustling city of Dhaka, to the sleepy town of Srimongol to the heartwarming Sylhet, the Bangladeshi all have one thing in common – Hospitality. They invite you for tea, and ask why you visit their country, of all places. I say: “Look at this, you buy me tea, in the middle of the street, no way this will happen in my country. So yes, this is why I will visit Bangladesh. For your wonderful culture of hospitality and sincerity.”


The children of Korail Slum, the dentist practicing along the street of Sylhet, the children in one of the alleys in Dhaka City, that lone tree in Srimongol Town, the boys who played football with me, the construction workers at Sylhet, the boys selling livestock (chicken), the men outside the shop selling the lovliest naan, and the kids at the playground, thank you for a wonderful experience in Bangladesh.


Photographer: Benjamin Aw
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