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Gear Reviews: Voigtlander Bessa R2A


In 2004, Voigtlander introduced 2 new camera bodies, the R2A and R3A. This was Voigtlander’s first Aperture Priority leica M mount bodies. Offering to users are metered manual or Aperture Priority AE exposure with 2 stops exposure compensation.


This was my first interchangeable lens RF and it didn’t took me a long time to decide that this was the RF that I am looking for.

The R2A has a 0.7 magnification finder with 4 framelines, 35/50/75/90 which can be selected thru a switch on the body instead of depending on the adapter used. This saved the need for different framelines adapter for different lens used on the body.
- It has a built in TTL light metering system.

- The Viewfinder is big and clear

- The selected shutter speed is displayed in the VF.

- There is an AE lock

- The camera has a much better built compared to its predecessor Bessa R series and despite that, it is much lighter at 430g.

- There are some small features that I personally like a lot,

- The rewind crank mimic the early Leica M series, yet easier to rewind, giving it a nostalgic feel to this camera.

- The shutter button lock was a good design for me.

- The use of back cover for film extraction was more convenient.

- And the best part, this camera is priced affordably so everyone who wishes to try and experience an interchangeable lens RF can do so.

If I really want to nit-pick this camera, the only thing I would say was the printed on white letters at the front of the camera which I personally felt that it was a little too catchy, especially on a black RF body. This was solved with a black gaffer tape over the letters :)
While many said that the shutter sounded louder compared to a Leica M, I felt that it was okay since im shooting mostly with my earphones on, and I didn’t really get to hear it!

With this I started my journey in RF, and it was always a pleasant to use this camera.
I have used many lenses on this body and it never failed me. On a personal note, I feel that Voigtlander lens are designed to look amazingly nice on a Voigtlander body! This is a fact and also one of the reasons that my R2A is still irreplaceable!


Just a note, remember to change your battery on the R2A regularly or carry a spare one with you. For the convenience to use the Aperture priority mode, a little effort like this is definitely well worth.


Review Contributed by: Jackson Wong

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