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Photo Essay: Shanghai By Jimmy Sng


The face of this chinese city is changing, at a pace faster than its economic growth. With economic growth, the past is disappearing, both out of necessity and deliberation.


Shanghai used to be full of residential areas built in the 19th century by the french, british and spanish settlers. These communities are making way for modern skyscrapers. One such community is near the Yuyuan gardens. I had the chance to visit this bustling 3 block area and was immersed in several areas of old charm. I had brief conversations with some of the residents and noticed a slight hint of regret that the area will be torn down later this year.


Like them, i will miss the open air wet market, the open areas where residents come out in the evening to cool themselves in summer, the sundry shops that stock everything from beer to beef jerky, the communal kitchens where families cook together.


Photographer: Jimmy Sng


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