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Pleasant Auto-Up Close For M-Mount

So far, the only close-focusing solutions for M-Mount cameras are:


- 0.7m for newer lenses
- 0.5-1m, 1m to Inf, Dual Range Summicron (except for m8,m9 and RD-1)
- Elmar Macro 90/f4
- Rigid Summicron + SOMKY +UOORF which makes function like a DR Cron


Here is a cheap solution which I discovered.
Pleasant Auto-Up.



There are many versions for different lenses, but they basically work the same,
a piece of glass covering the lens and an attached piece covering the RF window.


I bought a Pleasant Auto-Up for Canon 50mm F1.9, since this is a clamp up over the 40mm lens, it works on my 50 Cron, 35 Cron (all based on 39mm filter) as well as FSU / Nikkor LTM lenses (based on 40.5mm).


So essentially, this piece of attachment was originally meant for LTM
bodies and lens also works on the M-Mount.



It looks awkward but it works and focuses from 0.5m to 1m, my version focuses from 40″ to 22″.
Focusing is done via RF alignment, there is a parallax marks for close-focus (0.5m) but it only covers the top left corner.


Here is a picture taken with the attachment:






They are going for around USD40.00 – USD100.00 on ebay. Interestingly the Canon F1.9 version is the cheapest and in my opinion is the most useful since it covers filter threads from 39mm to 40.5mm.


Article contributed by Ray Toei
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