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RFSG’s Year End Message!

Photo from Hyder


Hi Folks


We’re in the final month of 2011. I hope the year has found everyone good & well with all the gear acquisition fever going on. I’m going to do this year end message before the month zips past & I’m too drunk making merry wrapping my hands around crates of champagne than getting my hands on the keyboard


This year has been a great year for RFSG on the whole. RFSG was founded in 2010 by a group of RF enthusiast & has since seen a lot of growth beyond this group of friends who started this non-profit organisation as a information & promoting platform for RF in Singapore.


I’m very pleased that this year, we have managed to get our very own web page up & running. It was an uphill task with the complications involved but we’ve managed to pull through. I would like to thank Derrick, Melvin, Joey, Ernest for their big contributions & personal time spent on designing/tweaking the web page to what it is today. Not forgetting our sponsors Xavier for sponsoring the monthly competition prizes, which are given to the winning participants & Vincent for his contributions to keep this web page up for years to come.


The RFSG community has grown to quite a size with new members turning up for the monthly outings. It is great to see the new faces coming forward to share what they have with the community. Please give a round of applause for Benjamin & Tristan who are running the show for the monthly outings, it is quite a lot of work to actually plan for these outings in our small little island. Also, not forgetting Justin who is running the show for the monthly competitions.


Viewer ship on the RFSG web is constantly growing. Besides East Asia/ South East Asia, we are getting views coming from Scandinavian countries, Eastern EU, Middle East & to my surprise, Central Asia as well. Previously, our web page was on www.rfsg.sg, I’ve since had it swapped over to www.rfsg.asia with .asia at the back, I was hoping to to reach out to Asia to promote the love of Rangefinder cameras around the region, but still having our main base here in Singapore.


In 2011, we’ve seen new friendships forged, overseas photography trips done with members, we know who the big traders are, we’ve got more new members from all over the region, the huge growing interest in RF etc.


This year, I’ve seen a lot of fantastic work coming out from our young members & unknown RF photographers. I hope RFSG’s site will serve as a platform to recognise the work of this talented pool of people who deserved to be in the limelight.


Speaking of recognition, we do have a prize awaiting for the RFSG 2011 photo of the year winner, with kind sponsorship from Max, our resident Mr Ang Moh.


With 2012 incoming, I hope to see more contributions from the younger group of RFSG members to help maintain this wonderful community that we have. It would be great to have a constant regular pool of contributors to assist with maintaining this wonderful web page that is dedicated to the RF cameras & RFSG’s spirit of sharing, spreading knowledge on RF cameras.


The RFSG community has always been a unique community in comparison to the rest of the photographic community.Ours was build on friendship, trust & pure love for RF. Our pool of regulars are great folks whom are open to sharing gears/knowledge to the newer lot.


Saying all that, I look forward to 2012. Trips with members have already been planned for 2012, the upcoming RFSG’s 2nd edition book & more gear acquisition.

The holiday season is in, tuck into the great food, make merry, get drunk, shoot more! I wish you all a fantastic holiday season ahead!



Do check out our Facebook Group page for the constant updates/chat by members & the Facebook Fanpage for the latest official news on RFSG.

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